Age and innocence

Grimy pavement stage
In the heart of bustling Bangalore
A two-man cast play
Much unnoticed much bore.
Not a street theater my friend
Poignant real life human drama
Of insanity, innocence
Poverty and passion
Of unique human relationship
Captured in vivid panorama.
Blind old man, Aamir Ali
Wrinkled and curled up
Clothes ragged 
Yet to satiate hunger, in hand a cup.
Memory blank 
like his unseeing eyes
No track of Age
Just incoherent word lies.
Hands trembling, needs child-like
Alone and uncared, nothing fancy 
In grim parody Of Shakespeare’s seven ages of man
He regressed into infancy.
Boom! and then a miracle
One day, he wasn’t alone
Begging beside him, a little woman
Young mad radhika she was known.
Close cropped hair
Tattered sari
Mentally retarded
not a comic book fairy.
Thus the old man was
Cared Like a father, like a lover
Innocent embraces
Flirtatious behavior.
Her role changes even to mother
Grime washed from his face
Food he is fed
Life for them needs no pace.
Difference in religion
Difference in age
Often a mockery
Hardly a barricade.
Nurtured companionship, their little world
Now turned into a world of ethereal brilliance
Perhaps only death can break
This mutual reliance.

Based on a true story. Image pencil sketch.

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